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It’s Easier to Take a Beating If I Beat Myself Up First

It’s easier to take a beating if I beat myself up first. At least that seems to be a part of my subconscious narrative. Today, in the midst of preparing to launch our first small group, I got caught in traffic and forgot the baby bottles, making me 10 minutes late to the small group – the small group I’m helping to lead. And what’s worse: I had the food! It was an epic fail. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. But you would have thought… Continue reading

Calling Comes Before Branding

The first time I designed a website (back in ’99), I had no clue about branding. Sadly, it took me a long time to learn how important it is to visually tell a story. When I was working at the Children’s Hunger Fund, my buddy Jesse Rodriguez led us through a solid re-branding process. I learned a lot. It also helped that I was in the middle of launching my new software business. I found myself thinking a lot about what our organizations were doing… Continue reading

Don’t Give Up

Can I be honest? I really want to give up. I started this writing challenge, and I’m really struggling to see it through. Honestly, the past couple of days I’ve had time to write, but I just couldn’t motivate myself to do it. It really doesn’t take long, and I always enjoy it. But for some reason, I struggle to get started. A million scenarios play through my mind, and I tell myself I really don’t have anything meaningful to say or share. I convince myself… Continue reading

External Pressure. Internal Failure.

I’m not doing so well with this 30 day writing without editing effort. Anna and I are on vacation, and leading up to it, I had so much work to do, I had to let the writing go. Then I got sick. Yeah. You know. Right when you’re starting your vacation your body decides to get revenge on you for the past 6 months of stress. What is it about rest that seems to invite sickness? Why is that when you’ve been running non-stop, the… Continue reading

What I Learned Starting A Software Company

Nearly three years ago, I started a software company. It’s called GiftFold, and the short story goes like this… While working as an IT Director for a nonprofit, I was looking for an online fundraising system. While we had options, we had none at a reasonable price. I felt I could build a better, cheaper system, and after discussing it with my wife, that’s exactly what I proposed to our organization’s leadership team. Graciously, they agreed, and I invested my own time and money to make it happen. But let me tell… Continue reading