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Living and Working Within Our Means

I’ve got great parents – I mean it. They taught me a lot. But one thing they didn’t teach me was how to live within my means. Growing up, debt was a regular part of our lives. This wasn’t the normal sort of debt – debt to get by. This was luxury debt. I was never short on food, clothes, or toys. Sometimes we didn’t have power, car insurance, or something else, but it never lasted long. We always had cable, a computer, and cars…. Continue reading

Two Weeks Isn’t Enough

Today’s my last day of vacation, and although I’ve had a solid 2 weeks off, I still don’t feel recharged. At least not as much as I hoped. I had hoped that coming back to work would feel exciting. It doesn’t. And not because of the team, or the people I serve. But because of the reality that as much time “away” as I had – I didn’t have much “soul time.” (I don’t know what that means – I just made it up. But… Continue reading

Psalm 85, Praying for the Land

Lent, Day 3 Psalm 85 fascinates me because the driving force behind the entire prayer is a plea for the land. When the people of God walk in his righteousness and peace (shalom), God’s glory dwells in their land, and the land yields its increase. As you read this Psalm, notice how inextricably tied the fate of the people and the fate of the land are.

Paleo Diets: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Not too long ago, Anna and I did a Paleo diet for 30 days. I say “a” Paleo diet because there is no one, single Paleo diet. Turns out, there’s not some guy with the last name Paleo who made it up. There are, however, several advocates, each who have shaped similar diets based on a shared understanding of paleolithic diets. So, for what follows, I’m only speaking of my own experience. With that said, here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of what we did.