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It’s Easier to Take a Beating If I Beat Myself Up First

It’s easier to take a beating if I beat myself up first. At least that seems to be a part of my subconscious narrative. Today, in the midst of preparing to launch our first small group, I got caught in traffic and forgot the baby bottles, making me 10 minutes late to the small group – the small group I’m helping to lead. And what’s worse: I had the food! It was an epic fail. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. But you would have thought… Continue reading

Living and Working Within Our Means

I’ve got great parents – I mean it. They taught me a lot. But one thing they didn’t teach me was how to live within my means. Growing up, debt was a regular part of our lives. This wasn’t the normal sort of debt – debt to get by. This was luxury debt. I was never short on food, clothes, or toys. Sometimes we didn’t have power, car insurance, or something else, but it never lasted long. We always had cable, a computer, and cars…. Continue reading

Critique with Compassion

Some people are so critical. You know those people. Whenever you see their name pop up on your phone, or see their email in your inbox, your heart starts beating a little faster. You get a little angry. You shrink away. Maybe it just comes with pastoring, but I’ve never been so criticized in my life – or at least I’ve never felt so criticized. One of the challenges with the position is interpreting the many underhanded comments, glances, and questions you get. It can be… Continue reading

Don’t Give Up

Can I be honest? I really want to give up. I started this writing challenge, and I’m really struggling to see it through. Honestly, the past couple of days I’ve had time to write, but I just couldn’t motivate myself to do it. It really doesn’t take long, and I always enjoy it. But for some reason, I struggle to get started. A million scenarios play through my mind, and I tell myself I really don’t have anything meaningful to say or share. I convince myself… Continue reading

External Pressure. Internal Failure.

I’m not doing so well with this 30 day writing without editing effort. Anna and I are on vacation, and leading up to it, I had so much work to do, I had to let the writing go. Then I got sick. Yeah. You know. Right when you’re starting your vacation your body decides to get revenge on you for the past 6 months of stress. What is it about rest that seems to invite sickness? Why is that when you’ve been running non-stop, the… Continue reading

Write. Don’t Edit.

This is an attempt to write without editing. Editing kills me. I spend so much of my time re-working sentences that I consistently fail to deliver. I’m listening to Seth Godin’s Leap First on audio and trying to practice “just ship.” I’ve got so much I want to write, but I can never consistently write. I’m always wanting to perfect my writing before publishing. And because it never is perfect, I just don’t publish – I don’t “ship.” How do I become a person who doesn’t… Continue reading

Crafting a Personal Morning Routine for Success

Beginning tomorrow morning, I’m going to start waking up earlier. Since I went to work for myself, I’ve been going to sleep and waking up inconsistently. I’m sharing my process with you to keep me accountable, and hopefully it will help you as well. Before I describe how I’m crafting my personal morning routine, I want to share why I’m doing it. What’s so appealing about a morning routine? 1. It’s correlated with success. Just ask these 29 successful people who wake up really early. I’m not sure if one… Continue reading