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Crafting a Personal Morning Routine for Success

Beginning tomorrow morning, I’m going to start waking up earlier. Since I went to work for myself, I’ve been going to sleep and waking up inconsistently. I’m sharing my process with you to keep me accountable, and hopefully it will help you as well. Before I describe how I’m crafting my personal morning routine, I want to share why I’m doing it. What’s so appealing about a morning routine? 1. It’s correlated with success. Just ask these 29 successful people who wake up really early. I’m not sure if one… Continue reading

What I Learned Starting A Software Company

Nearly three years ago, I started a software company. It’s called GiftFold, and the short story goes like this… While working as an IT Director for a nonprofit, I was looking for an online fundraising system. While we had options, we had none at a reasonable price. I felt I could build a better, cheaper system, and after discussing it with my wife, that’s exactly what I proposed to our organization’s leadership team. Graciously, they agreed, and I invested my own time and money to make it happen. But let me tell… Continue reading

How to Become a Tycoon

As I’ve been watching The Men Who Built America on Netflix, I’ve also been thinking about what made these men the tycoons they were. Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, and J. P. Morgan were all unique, and yet they all shared some attributes in common. So what would you have to do to be a tycoon in the late 1800’s?