Work-Life Balance

It’s 10:40 PM, and I’ve not had a chance to write today. It’s probably not a good sign when, 3 days into a 30 day challenge, you can’t find the time to keep up. But I’m determined. The nice thing about not editing is that it’s fairly fast to write a post.

If you recall, I’ve been trying to figure out what purpose this blog serves. Yes, I want to practice writing regularly, but more than that, I want to write something significant. I think most of us, deep down, want to believe that what we do really matters in the world. Or to say it another way, we want to do something which lasts. And I want to write something which makes a splash big enough to make some waves. But that’s gonna take some serious water displacement, and I’m not sure I can pull it off, honestly.

I suppose what I’ve really got to do is hone in the destination for this journey. When I go hiking, I don’t care whether the climb is short or long; I just want to know where I’m headed. I think it’s the same here. It helps to set expectations. But to do that, I’ve got to have a clearer picture of where this is going.

When it comes down to it, I just want to do something that matters. And I want to see other people doing things they believe matter. It’s depressing watching so many people do work they think is insignificant. Especially in the church, people have this notion that if you’re not feeding starving people, your work is less important or meaningful. But that’s crazy. God seemed pretty content to give us some pruning shears and set us in a garden. You don’t have to be a priest to do something divine.

In fact, and I’ll have to leave this here for the night, I wonder what jobs most people hold and what jobs they think would be more meaningful. I wonder what they think would give them real “job satisfaction.” (Now I just wish I had a community to ask what they think!)

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