Making Time to Write

Okay, here’s another post written way too late in the day. I’m really hoping to build a routine which would have my writing done by 8am – when I feel most creative. But, today’s a family day, and that takes priority. (Though, honestly, I spent most of the day working on some extra credit for my Greek class.)

But how do you build discipline into your life when you’re decidedly not a disciplined person? How do you consistently write when consistency is not your thing?

No idea.

Not yet, at least. The best thing I’ve learned is to accept my tendencies as natural and to work with them, rather than against them. For example, some years ago I thought I’d start journaling. I got about 4 entries in and that’s it. Over the years, I tried numerous times, and all I ended up with was a stack of sporadicly used composition books. I’m just not a journaler.

But just because something doesn’t come natural, doesn’t mean you should altogether avoid it. I love writing, but consistently writing takes a lot of effort. That’s why I’m writing this article despite the fact that I’m running on fumes. I’m determined to build a writing habit, even if the net result is nothing more than momentum.

The thing is, writing is important to me. I believe in it. I enjoy it. Hopefully I’m not awful at it. But, if I don’t nurture it, that’s all meaningless. If I don’t make time for it, it’s worthless.

Of course, I don’t need a ton of time. For these unedited articles, it’s really not a massive time commitment. It’s more of a word commitment. Every day, I’m going to try and write around 500 words. Not exactly 500, but close to it. And I’m aiming to do it in 15 minutes. No worrying about audience, or strategy, or keywords. I spend too much time thinking about that stuff already.

But it’s still incredibly hard to commit even 15 minutes a day to this – especially 15 minutes in the early day. Every day I wake up with a list of things to do running through my head. I feel like I’m constantly dropping the ball at work. I barely feel like I’m keeping up with my classwork. And I know I’m not helping out around the apartment enough. (By the way, my wife is amazing. She’s been incredibly supportive of me as I’ve gone back to school with a newborn at home.)

So how exactly I’ll keep focused on this goal of writing, I’m not too sure. It’d be awesome to have a community to help drive the whole thing forward. (That last sentence sucks. Sorry. No edits though.) Anyways….

If you’d like to join in on the challenge, I’d encourage you to do it. Drop a comment and link to your blog where you’ve started writing without edits. Let’s build momentum together and figure it out as we go.

Now to sleep….

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  1. Cheryl

    Keep it up, Berglund! I admire you for taking on this 30-day challenge. I agree that writing is worthwhile but hard to keep up with consistently. Good luck making it through the next 26 days! I don’t think I could do it. 🙂


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