Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty by Harvey Mackay

Businessman and author, Harvey Mackay, networked his way to the top, and in Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty: The Only Networking Book You’ll Ever Need he leaks the secrets to his success.

With anecdote after anecdote, Mr. Mackay reveals the science and the art of networking. Spread over 81 tiny chapters, the book reads more like a devotional than a manual, and indeed, that’s how it should be read.

Sometimes pithy, yet always fascinating, Mr. Mackay provides a basic introduction to networking. Over and over again, we’re inspired with axioms and stories to grow and maintain our professional and personal networks.

Although it dates itself (speaking of rolodexes and “electronic mail”), it offers timeless advice, such as remembering peoples interests, recording their children’s names, and etiquette for calling in favors. In fact, the book is a treasure trove of tips and tricks which easily translate from “rolodex” to LinkedIn.

Before reading this book, I thought networking was sleazy – something for politicians, not honest folk. But now, I think of Billy Graham, Lou Holtz, and Larry King. More keenly, I think of people in my own network – people who have cared for me, given me gifts, and prayed for me.

To be sure, the book’s advice is capitalistic and opportunistic, and at times can sound self-serving. Nonetheless, you can clearly see Mr. Mackay’s heart and find his blunt approach refreshing. Taken together with Scripture, a Christian reader will find plenty of gems.

So I’d definitely recommend this book. Unless you’re a shyster (why are you reading my blog?!), I’m sure you’ll find ways to genuinely love others with what you learn.


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